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7000 series Managed Switches

Three 7000 Managed Switches

The 7000 series of Managed Switches are Industrial Ethernet Switches that are optimized for use in EtherNet/IP™ applications. Along with the classic EIP functions, such as IGMP snooping/querier, they also support the Device Level Ring (DLR)​ redundancy mechanism specified in EtherNet/IP™. They can be used to set up high-availability EtherNet/IP™ networks in your system.

High network availability with DLR redundancy

Topology: coupling of redundant DLRs  

Managed Switches increase availability, thanks to redundant DLRs

The Device Level Ring redundancy technology used in EtherNet/IP™ enables an extensively smooth switch-over in the event of a media failure. You therefore achieve superior system availability. Thanks to the guaranteed switch-over time of less than 3 ms, the control process is not impaired.

With the Managed Switches of the FL SWITCH 7000 series, you can simultaneously integrate several non-DLR-capable devices into the redundant ring via one switch. Along with the DLR, the switches can also be coupled redundantly to a higher-level switch via RSTP.

This further increases the availability of your network.

Higher network stability, thanks to multicast filtering

FL SWITCH 7000 devices reduce the network traffic with IGMP snooping and multicast filtering  

Intelligent network communication, thanks to multicast and IGMP snooping

Intelligent filtering of multicast packets is ensured with the support of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP). This means that multicast telegrams are only forwarded to the devices that actually need them. You thus minimize the data load, and your network is more stable. The 7000 series switches support the IGMP snooping and IGMP querier functions.

Easy configuration and diagnostics from the control system, thanks to CIP

Configuration and diagnostics with CIP  

​FL SWITCH 7000 devices support the ​CIP

​The FL SWITCH 7000 devices support the Common Industrial Protocol (​CIP​). With this protocol, both the switch itself and other EtherNet/IP™ devices, e.g. I/Os, can be integrated directly into the control system. This means that you can configure the switch from the controller and easily diagnose and manage all important functions and port-specific settings.

Alternatively, the switch can be configured via an SD card, the web-based management or faceplate visualization.

Faceplate visualization for user-friendly diagnostics and configuration in the field

Faceplate visualization for HMI  

HMI faceplate for easy switch diagnostics

The faceplate visualization for the FL SWITCH 7000 provides access to important diagnostic information as well as configuration options via operating systems in the field (HMI, IPC, etc.). The visualization allows changes, such as the failure of a power supply, to be more easily detected. Furthermore, in the faceplate ports, you can deactivate and configure the transmission speed and the duplex mode for each port.

Thanks to the use of CIP information, startup is possible with no additional programming effort required in the control systems.

Overview of FL SWITCH 7000




Transmission speed

10/100 Mbps

10/100/1000 Mbps

Alarm contact

2 floating signal contacts

2 floating signal contacts

Temperature range

-40°C ... +70°C

-40°C ... +70°C

Supply voltage12 ... 58 V DC (redundant)12 ... 58 V DC (redundant)
Filter functions  

Quality of Service


Multicast/IGMP snooping


Device Level Ring (DLR)


Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)


Fast Ring Detection (FRD)


Large Tree Support

Management functions  

Port configuration, statistics, and utilization


Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)


Address Conflict Detection (ACD)

DHCP server

Pool/port-based, option 82

Pool/port-based, option 82

Automation protocols  

EtherNet/IP™, extended multicast filtering


EtherNet/IP™, CIP



CE, UL, Class I Div. 2


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