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GHS Managed Switches

The modular GHS Managed Switch

Our most powerful switch is the modular GHS Managed Switch. As a Gigabit switch with optional Layer 3 function, it is particularly suitable for use as an automation backbone and for connection to the higher-level company network. A large range of combinable media modules as well as use in PROFINET RT and EtherNet/IP™ provide outstanding flexibility.

Flexibility thanks to a wide range of media

GHS Managed Switch with extension module and media modules  

The GHS Managed Switch satisfies the port requirements of industrial applications, thanks to its modular design

The GHS Modular Managed Switch is particularly flexible in use. It has four SFP ports which you can equip with the Phoenix Contact SFP modules. Furthermore, your can arrange media modules flexibly side-by-side in four free slots:

  • Multimode and single mode fiber optics
  • Polymer or HCS technology
  • Twisted pair or
  • Power over Ethernet

With an extension station, you can extend the switch by an additional 4 slots for media modules and up to 28 ports.

Easy configuration and diagnostics

GHS switch display  

The display of the Layer 3 switch enables easy configuration and diagnostics

The GHS Managed Switch has a display for convenient configuration and diagnostics. This display enables handling without additional software or tools. The interchangeable configuration memory provides an additional option that makes configuration easier.

Simply save the device settings to an SD card for easy device replacement, thus saving time and effort. Furthermore, you can activate the media redundancy and Layer 3 function via the SD card.

Configuration via the web-based management system, via CLI commands and via the FL NETWORK MANAGER is also possible.

Port-specific routing up to 28 times with Layer 3 function

Topology: Network configuration with switches at the Layer 3 level  

Redundant routing with Layer 3 switches

The Layer 3 function of the Modular Managed Switch can be used for routing between various subnetworks, ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication. The Layer 3 switch supports VRRP (Virtual ​Router​ ​Redundancy​ Protocol) for the redundant management of several routers. This means that you can implement port-specific routing up to 28 times or operate multiple routers redundantly.

If you opt for an ​FL SWITCH GHS without Layer 3 function, you can upgrade the license using the FL SD FLASH L3/MRM memory card at any time.

Overview of FL SWITCH GHS

 GHS Managed Switch
Transmission speed10/100/1000 Mbps
Alarm contactYes
Temperature range-20°C ... +55°C
Supply voltage18.5 ... 30.2 V DC (redundant)
Filter functions 
Quality of ServiceYes
Multicast/IGMP snoopingYes
Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)Yes
MRP manager/clientYes / Yes
Fast Ring Detection (FRD)Yes
Large Tree SupportYes
Extended ring redundancy 15 msNo
Management functions 
Port configuration, statistics, and utilizationYes
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)Yes
Address Conflict Detection (ACD)No
DHCP serverOption 82
Command Line Interface (CLI)Yes
Automation protocols 
PROFINET conformance classB
EtherNet/IP™, extended multicast filteringYes
Maritime approvalsNo
Ex approvalsNo
IEC 61850-3No

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