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QPD installation system

Distribute power easily and quickly

A secure cable connection in just a few steps without special tools - with the installation system.

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Connect cables quickly, easily and without special tools, with the QPD installation system. Depending on the application, choose between fixed and plug-in connections with up to four outputs. Thanks to the convenient QUICKON IDC displacement connection, save up to 80 % cabling time – regardless of whether simple cable connection, power distribution or device connection.

Your advantages

  • Time savings of up to 80% for on-site connection
  • Quick and easy assembly without special tools
  • Flexible power distribution design, thanks to fixed and plug-in QPD versions
  • High reliability, thanks to robust housing with IP68/IP69K degree of protection, with IK07 shock resistance
  • The electronics are thoroughly protected as the housing does not need to be opened, even when connecting the power supply

Efficient electrical installation – with a choice between fixed and plug-in connections

QPD installation system  

QPD installation system

Industrial power distribution does not have to be time-consuming or complicated. The robust IP68/IP69K QPD installation system for capacities of up to 690 V/40 A is proof of this. Thanks to the proven QUICKON IDC insulation displacement connection, cables of up to 5 x 6.0 mm² can be connected quickly and easily, without the need for stripping or special tools. You can choose either fixed or plug-in connections to construct flexible distribution solutions. Device connections can also be implemented easily without having to open the device. This means that the delicate electronics stay protected from environmental influences.

QPD product range overview

QPD product range overview

QPD product range overview

(1) Panel feed-throughs
Panel feed-throughs are cable glands that can be connected from the outside. As a result, devices no longer need to be opened in order to connect cables. This ensures the specific protection class of the manufacturer.

(2) Cable connector
The cable connector can be used for cable extension or repairs. Combined with the connector, the cable connector can be used as a flexible coupling connection.

(3) Connector
This connector with capacitive PE contact is particularly suitable for replacing the device quickly – whether during servicing or when installing pre-assembled cables. It is coded to prevent incorrect connection.

(4) T-distributor
With the help of the T-distributor, a branch line for loads can be easily installed. 

(5) H-distributor
The H-distributor is a compact and robust terminal box that can be connected quickly. The four connections are connected in parallel to each other which also allows it to be used as a star distributor.

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Industrial electrical installation with QPD

The installation solution in extensive industrial systems.

QPD installation system

Quick and easy assembly

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