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Easy handling in detail

Wiring with push-in connection technology  

Easy wiring with push-in connection technology

Easy wiring

Thanks to push-in connection technology. This enables quick, tool-free wiring.

The release button for releasing the conductor can be actuated using a screwdriver or even a ballpoint pen.

Potential distribution with plug-in bridges  

Easy potential distribution with plug-in bridges

Easy potential distribution

With plug-in bridges from the CLIPLINE complete modular terminal block range. Use accessories that are already available.

Together with push-in connection technology, benefit from efficient wiring.

Easy extension to a timer relay

Timer module from Phoenix Contact  

Relay module transformed into a timer relay

The multifunctional plug-in timer module for 24 V transforms the relay module into a timer relay. The RIF-1 to RIF-4 bases can be fitted with this module.

Three time functions can be selected in a time range from 0.5 seconds to 100 minutes.

Entire product range

Overview of RIF-0 to RIF-4  

Overview of the product range

Switch currents up to 16 A. From coupling relays to a replacement for small power contactors: the product range offers the right relay for every application.

Benefit from a uniform and consistent system.

Reliable system

Plug-in relay for high availability  

Plug-in relays can be replaced quickly

Benefit from high availability thanks to plug-in relays and special function modules

The relays can be replaced quickly during maintenance work. This helps to ensure high machine and system availability.

Modular relay system – for maximum flexibility and cost efficiency

You can decide for yourself whether you want to assemble RIFLINE complete individually or order it ready assembled as a complete module.

All components in the modular system can be ordered individually depending on the application. This also includes relays that are available for a variety of voltages and applications.

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