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Exchange data consistently with IO-Link – from the controller to the lowest field level.

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Benefit from all the options offered by IO-Link: the point-to-point connection enables you to exchange both process data and service data between the connection and sensor/actuator.

Your advantages

  • Point-to-point connection: existing topologies are retained
  • Standard sensor/actuator cables, as no special cables or connectors are required
  • Consistent communication: both process data and service data are transmitted
  • Mixed operation – by means of both digital and IO-Link communication

Axioline E IO-Link master

In line with the slogan “One device, numerous possibilities”, the image shows the various possible applications of an Axioline E IO-Link master.

IO-Link master in the Axioline E I/O system  

IO-Link devices extend the scope of functions of an Axioline E device

The following functions can be performed by the IO-Link master by using the various operating modes of an IO-Link port:

  • Digital standard signals
  • Analog signals (in combination with the IO-Link/analog converters)
  • IO-Link devices such as flow sensors or numerous other IO-Link devices such as valve islands, photoelectric barriers or distance meters

With the multi-functional IO-Link ports, an IO-Link master becomes a universal I/O device.

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters with IO-Link

Hybrid motor starter and safety relay in the control cabinet  

Motor control with safety relay in a distributed control box, networked with IO-Link

Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with the CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters. The versions which can be networked support consistent communication between field and control level, thereby enabling the easy transfer of process data.

  • IO-Link interface for direct connection and transmission of process data
  • Flexible use in the central control cabinet as well as the distributed control box
  • Increased system availability, thanks to service intervals based on process data
  • Low-wear switching using hybrid technology
  • Compact design saves space in the application

Electronic circuit breaker with IO-Link

CBMC electronic circuit breaker with IO-Link  

Electronic circuit breaker with IO-Link

The electronic circuit breaker can be tailored exactly to your specific requirements. It combines a compact design and options for individual adjustment. This means that you can easily and flexibly adjust currents, save space, and reliably protect all applications using a single device.

Protect applications from 1 to 10 A using the CBMC circuit breaker. The required values can be set directly on the device by simply pressing the LED button. In just a few steps, you can easily adapt the device circuit breaker to your application.

Integrate the device circuit breaker into your system via the IO-Link interface, so that you can have an overview of all data relevant to the process. You can read the CBMC and modify the settings. Parameterization is therefore much more convenient. In addition, the CBMC can be blocked against unauthorized interference, with it no longer being possible to manipulate the device locally.


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