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Power bridging and group error indication with the DIN rail connector

Flexible and easy power supply

Power supply via the DIN rail connector  

The DIN rail connector offers flexible power supply and diagnostics

MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners offer a flexible system solution for supplying devices. The supply voltage is bridged using the modular DIN rail connector. This simplifies wiring, system expansion or module replacement, even during operation.

The DIN rail connector offers three device supply options:

1. Direct DC supply at any MINI Analog Pro module:

  • For up to 16 MINI Analog Pro modules
  • No additional accessories required other than the DIN rail connector

2. Via a power module of the same shape:

  • For up to 115 MINI Analog Pro modules
  • Also enables redundant supply and supply monitoring

3. Via the system power supply with 85 ... 264 V AC wide range input:

  • If a DC supply is not available
  • For up to 60 MINI Analog Pro modules


Convenient group error indication with fault monitoring

Group error indication with fault monitoring  

Measure current signals during operation

Fault monitoring is a modular solution for convenient error evaluation in multi-channel applications.

Depending on the module type, the following errors can be indicated by means of a group error message:

  • Overrange
  • Underrange
  • Open circuit
  • Short circuit
  • Module error

It is also possible to detect and indicate the failure of a supply voltage at the power terminal block. The modularity is characterized by the ability to freely adjust error evaluation, both on the device side and in the evaluation module.


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