High-temperature terminal blocks

Maximum contact reliability

Maximum contact reliability

Safe connections, even in extreme temperatures, thanks to ceramic insulation.

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High-temperature terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are the perfect solution for harsh operating conditions, areas where there is a risk of fire, and aggressive chemicals. Maximum safety is guaranteed thanks to Ex approval.

Your advantages

  • Easy to operate and use thanks to proven screw connection
  • Maximum safety – for use under harsh and potentially explosive conditions
  • Space saving thanks to compact design
  • Simple potential distribution thanks to chain bridging

Can be used in high temperatures

High-temperature terminal blocks  

Reliable in high temperatures

Do you need a reliable contact? Even under harsh conditions such as heat and extreme temperature changes? High-temperature terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact can be used in temperatures of up to 220°C.

In addition:

  • The high-temperature terminal blocks are made from a temperature-resistant and incombustible insulation material.
  • They are mounted on the NS 32 G DIN rail by securely snapping on the snap lock in the terminal block foot.
  • Simple potential distribution is possible thanks to chain bridging.


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