Grounding and shielding

Eliminate interference

Eliminate interference

Protect your systems. With adequate grounding and shielding you can prevent damage caused by interference.

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Interference caused by electronic components occurs in particular in automated industrial applications. This electromagnetic interference can lead to malfunctions or even failure of entire systems. Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive product range covering all aspects of grounding and shielding for your electronic components.

Your advantages

  • Safety, thanks to standard-compliant components
  • Reliable function, thanks to high-quality products
  • Everything from a single source – thanks to the comprehensive product range

Causes of interference

Components for shielding from Phoenix Contact  

Components for shielding

There are many different causes of interference. For example, it can stem from switching operations.

The following is also true: in principle, each conductor can act as an antenna in alternating electromagnetic fields or as a transmitter due to alternating currents.

Be proactive and minimize the effects of interference using our products.


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