Fieldline modular - the flexible I/O system

Fieldline Modular – the I/O system with a modular design for field installation

Modular in the field

Maximum freedom for field installation: Functional, customizable, and open-bus.

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Fieldline Modular is the I/O system with a modular design for field installation. Our components are available in two different designs and therefore can be used particularly flexibly – even in the immediate vicinity of the process.

Your advantages

  • Optimum system planning through the use of a network-independent local bus structure
  • Supply up to 16 local bus devices on one bus coupler, at an increased I/O volume for cost savings
  • Increased flexibility when system planning, thanks to the integration option in the IP20 I/O Inline system
  • Simplified ordering process, due to one-piece and complete devices

Tailored to your system – I/O devices in two versions

For various requirements: two versions of Fieldline Modular  

Two sizes for individual applications

Select your I/O device according to your system's requirements. 

  • Fieldline Modular is available as a consistent M12 version for maximum ease of connection.
  • Thanks to their particularly compact housing dimensions, the M8 versions devices can be mounted close to the process, even where space is limited, in the machine.

Your advantage: the local bus system cable carries data as well as voltage. This saves both space and cables.

Control cabinet or field – combining made easy

Fieldline Modular can be easily integrated into the Inline IP20-I/O system  

Combine I/O devices easily for the control cabinet and field installation

You can quickly and easily connect Fieldline Modular M8 and M12 I/O devices to the control cabinet using Inline branch terminals from the IP20 Inline I/O system – without additional bus couplers. This entails a reduction in startup time and minimal complexity.

This combination is particularly suitable for functions such as weight measurement or position detection. In addition HART functionalities are supported.

Fast installation – thanks to “Plug and Turn”

The SPEEDCON fast locking system enables short installation times  

Save up to 90% time, thanks to innovative connection technology

Plug & Turn is the theme of the SPEEDCON fast locking system. With just a half turn, the M12 connector is secured in place and you achieve the ideal plug connection. This means you can save up to 90% of the time needed to wire your I/O devices.

You don't have to adapt – SPEEDCON is fully compatible with all M12 connectors and the Plug & Turn principle stays the same. The perceptible engagement click indicates secure connection. As such, SPEEDCON meets all the electrical and mechanical properties of a conventional M12 connection, plus all accepted standards and requirements.

Wireless communication with Bluetooth

Maximum flexibility: up to three remote devices can be integrated into the local bus  

Wireless communication via Bluetooth

No cables and maximum flexibility: the wireless I/O devices in the Fieldline Modular series forward acquired signals via Bluetooth. There is no need to install cables for data transmission. 

Up to three remote devices can be integrated into your network - by doing so you can use them in a flexible way, close to your machine.


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