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EtherCAT® is optimized for fast and synchronous processes.

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EtherCAT® is regarded as the realtime Ethernet protocol and impresses users with its fast, synchronous transmission of process data. With cycle times of less than 100 µs, the machine output can be optimized and production quality can be improved by higher control precision.

Your advantages

  • Up-to-date data available at any time thanks to realtime capable Ethernet protocol
  • Short run times – "on-the-fly" process data exchange
  • High performance due to cycle times <100µs increases machine output
  • Distributed clocks enable synchronous processes
  • Cost-optimized – no special master hardware required

High performance

EtherCAT is optimized for fast processes  

EtherCAT is optimized for fast processes

Due to its high performance, EtherCAT allows the installation of just one network in a machine or system. I/Os and drives communicate via just one medium or protocol. This therefore facilitates both installation and engineering.
Indeed, EtherCAT has made a name for itself particularly in mechanical engineering applications, in which high machine cycle rates and synchronous processes are essential. Examples here include packaging and woodworking machines. Other areas include measuring technology and test engineering, automatic pick&place devices, and wind power plants.

EtherCAT components

Components for EtherCAT from Phoenix Contact  

Components for EtherCAT from Phoenix Contact.

The Axioline I/O system provides I/O components for EtherCAT for use in control cabinets and field installations.

For installation in a control cabinet

Thanks to an update period of 1 µs, the Axioline F series is poised to fully utilize the EtherCAT's potential, making it the ideal system for particularly fast applications.
The extensive portfolio of block or modular I/O systems offers the best flexibility. Together with a high-performance EtherCAT bus coupler, you can assemble your EtherCAT station to suit your needs.

For field installation

The devices of the Axioline E series set themselves apart with fast installation, robust housing mechanics and particularly easy handling. In addition to standard digital functions, IO-Link communication also provides maximum flexibility here. There are two housing types (metal and plastic) available depending on the requirement.

Cables and connectors

Phoenix Contact offers tested and pre-assembled cables and unassembled connectors with RJ45 or M12 connection technology as the transmission medium.


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