Electronic circuit breakers

Electronic circuit breakers

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The complete portfolio of electronic circuit breakers provides intelligent protection for your power supply system. Take advantage of the easiest handling and easy product selection.

Your advantages

  • The ideal device protection for any requirement, thanks to our complete portfolio
  • System statuses perfectly controlled, thanks to intelligent analysis and fault signaling
  • Easy startup, thanks to tool-free connection technology and intuitive operation
  • Stay informed of the system status at all times, anywhere, thanks to remote control and the remote messaging function
  • Industrie 4.0 compatible, thanks to complete monitoring of the 24 V energy supply
  • Electronic circuit breakers are a part of the COMPLETE line system

Areas of application

Assembly machine  

Assembly machine

Electronic circuit breakers are particularly well suited for use in systems engineering and machine building, with a supply voltage of 24 V DC.

They protect all loads that are supplied by a switched-mode power supply unit.

Thanks to the active current limitation, even very remote devices can be protected reliably. In addition, they prevent the interruption of the output voltage at the switched-mode power supply unit in the event of an error. All other circuits remain unaffected and your system continues running without interruption.


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