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Application examples for retrofitting current measuring technology

Convert currents up to 4000 A directly into an standard analog signal

Topology for standard signal generation  

Standard signal generation with the PACT RCP-4000A-UIRO set

The handy Rogowski coil of the PACT RCP-4000A-UIRO measuring system can be easily installed on busbars and circular conductors that do not require you to remove system parts. AC currents up to 4000 A can be measured with only one coil type. The downstream measuring transducer can be freely configured at the signal input and the signal output. This makes optimal adjustment of the current measuring ranges possible and the output signal is able to map the respective signal width.

Central energy data acquisition

Topology for central energy data acquisition  

Central energy data acquisition with the PACT RCP-4000A-1A set and an EMpro energy meter

The measuring transducer of the PACT RCP-4000A-1A set transforms the output signal of the coil into a typical secondary current for further processing as supplied by a standard current transformer. 

For universal use, eight current measuring ranges can be set per DIP switch. Downstream EMpro energy meters can be used to acquire and display characteristic data directly in the control cabinet and then forward it to your control system.

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  • Application examples for retrofitting current measuring technology


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