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Redundancy with PROFINET controllers

For maximum availability

Uninterrupted processes are vital in complex systems and large plants. Ensure the continuous operation of your automation with the PROFINET redundancy controllers from Phoenix Contact.

  • Easy startup and automatic configuration of all redundancy functions, thanks to AutoSync Technology, designed by Phoenix Contact
  • A distance of up to 80 km between the controllers via fiber optics, cost-optimized thanks to plug-in SFP modules
  • Uninterrupted process – even in the event of failure or when a controller is replaced
  • High-resolution display for displaying status and error messages in plain text
  • Optimum device integration, thanks to PROFINET standard; redundancy for your future-proof Ethernet network
  • Uninterrupted visualization, thanks to redundancy-capable OPC servers
AutoSync Technology

The AutoSync Technology automatically configures all the redundancy functions of both RFC 460R controllers

Redundancy – for failsafe control systems

With the RFC 460R PN 3TX controller, maximum availability can be provided throughout your system – from the I/O level to the control level.

Simply connect two RFC controllers via fiber optics. Depending on the distance between the PLCs, choose from three plug-in SFP (small form factor pluggable) modules to connect the conductors. You can therefore cover distances of up to 80 km, e.g., for applications in tunnels or at airports.

Using AutoSync Technology, designed by Phoenix Contact, the controllers automatically establish a high-performance connection – for exchanging configuration data and project information.

Before each cycle, the PLC controlling the process transmits the data that is to be synchronized to the PLC that is in hot standby mode.

AutoSync Technology – synchronization made easy

Topology of a redundant control system  

Redundancy for failsafe control systems

Thanks to AutoSync Technology, designed by Phoenix Contact, two RFC 460R controllers automatically configure and synchronize all the redundancy functions.

You program just one controller as usual, while the second is started up automatically. If one PLC fails, the other takes over immediately ensuring smooth operation.

Simply connect two RFC 460R controllers via a FO synchronization cable and you're done!

SFP modules – for variable distances

Plug-in SFP module  

Plug-in SFP module

The FO connection to the controllers is via standardized plug-in SFP modules. SFP modules vary greatly in price depending on the length of the path. This means that with the right module, you can synchronize your controllers more cost-effectively.

Choose from distances of 550 m, 30 km or up to 80 km.


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