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The socket for mode 3 charging cables: Our CHARX connect infrastructure charging sockets are mounted in AC charging stations and home chargers. These charging sockets enable mode 3 vehicle battery charging via single or three-phase charging cables with maximum charging powers of up to 26 kW. The sockets accommodate type 2 charging connectors for Europe in accordance with IEC 62196 or for China in accordance with the GB/T standard. Matching protective covers provide reliable splash water protection in accordance with the IP54 degree of protection.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive product range for type 2 and GB/T
  • Charging status intuitive and visible at a glance with color LED indicator
  • Increased safety with precise temperature measurements and integrated locking actuator
  • Modular portfolio with plug-in conductors for flexible mounting and easy maintenance
  • Waterproof and dirtproof due to fully molded contacts
  • Efficient power transmission and long-term stability with silver-plated contact surfaces
  • Developed and produced in accordance with the IATF 16949 automotive standard and ISO 9001

Charging with alternating current in accordance with mode 3, case B

Charging mode 3, case B  

Charging mode 3, case B

The AC infrastructure charging sockets are used for case B of charging mode 3. This means that mobile AC charging cables that are typically stored in car trunks can be connected here.

Type 2 charging sockets for Europe

Type 2 charging socket and protective cover in the set (left) und cable set available separately (right)  

Type 2 charging socket and protective cover in the set (left) und cable set available separately (right)

The standardized type 2 infrastructure charging socket in accordance with IEC 62196 is designed for charging in Europe. Our current 2nd generation is available in two different sets:

  • Basic set comprised of a charging socket and a protective cover with proven quality at an attractive price
  • Premium set comprised of a charging socket with temperature sensor technology and a protective cover with LED indicator

The premium charging socket is the first type 2 socket in the world with temperature sensor technology to protect against the dangers of overheating. It is available with a 3- or 4-position locking actuator. The user can see the status of the charging point at a glance using the freely controllable RGB LED status indicator in the premium protective cover. The protective cover is screwed into place at the rear.

The metric plug-in connecting cables provide you with maximum flexibility when it comes to installing your charging points and simplify maintenance. The maximum charging power is defined by the choice of the cable set available separately, which means that the number of different charging socket versions is reduced significantly, thus reducing your inventory costs. Cable sets are available in the following performance classes:

  • 7.0 kW (32 A / 250 V / 1-phase)
  • 11 kW (20 A / 480 V AC / 3-phase)
  • 22 kW (32 A / 480 V / 3-phase)

GB/T charging sockets for China

GB/T charging socket (left) and protective cover available separately (right)  

GB/T charging socket (left) and protective cover available separately (right)

The standardized infrastructure charging socket in accordance with GB/T 20234 is designed for charging in the Chinese infrastructure. It is very similar to the type 2 charging socket. In addition to the locking actuator, a notch is provided for the lever of the infrastructure charging plug in accordance with standards. In addition, every power contact has integrated temperature sensors in accordance with the new GB/T standard.

In our current 1st Generation range, the charging socket and protective cover are supplied as separate items. The metric connecting cable is permanently attached to the charging socket, and therefore is not available separately. The following performance classes are available:

  • 7.0 kW (32 A / 250 V AC / 1-phase)
  • 14 kW (32 A / 440 V AC / 3-phase)

Safe charging process

Due to its locking actuator, the infrastructure charging plug is reliably prevented from being pulled out during the charging process. The lock is controlled via electronics integrated into the actuator, and the current state can be queried. In the event of an emergency, e.g. a power outage, the locking actuator can also be unlocked manually by opening the charging station.

Additional CHARX products for AC charging infrastructure

Electric car at a charging station  

We provide a complete portfolio for charging electric vehicles

Take advantage of our extensive portfolio for setting up powerful AC charging stations or complete charging parks. Along with the products described here, we also provide:


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Charging sockets with LED indicator and temperature sensor

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