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Zones in the food processing industry

Food and its packaging may not become contaminated through contact with system and machine parts.

In production, there are three zones: the product contact zone, the splash zone, and the product-free zone. Each zone imposes specific requirements on the sensors and actuators and on the respective cables and connectors.
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Product contact zone

Hygienic design  

Hygienic design for the highest requirements in terms of hygiene

Food may come into contact with system parts here and then be returned to the processing sequence. The hygiene requirements are therefore particularly high in this zone. Connectors and other components may not contain any dirt pockets. 

The hygienic design has been developed and implemented specifically for use in this zone following the EHEDG guidelines with M12 design.

Spray zone

Washdown design  

Washdown design for medium-level requirements in terms of hygiene

In the splash zone, components can come into contact with food. In contrast to the product contact zone, the food is not returned to the processing sequence after contact with the components. Phoenix Contact connectors with washdown design were specifically developed for the splash zone. Smooth contours on the grip minimize the adhesion of food particles on the connector.

Product-free zone

Standard SAC range  

Standard SAC range

In this zone, the products are generally already packaged and no longer exposed to direct contact with system components. In this case, the requirements are comparable with those in classic industrial environments. Cleaning the packaging systems does not require any aggressive cleaning agents and does not generally involve high-pressure equipment. Our standard range for sensor/actuator cabling is suitable for use in this zone.

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  • Zones in the food processing industry


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