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Axioline Smart Elements – system-free I/O

Compact and flexible

System-free, pluggable I/Os for compact stations.

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The pluggable Axioline Smart Elements are system-free modules without bus communication. The individual element only supports the I/O function. Only in combination with a backplane, which functions similarly to an adapter, bus communication for the respective I/O system is realized. The Axioline Smart Elements are therefore universal and flexible in use.

Your advantages

  • Space savings in the installation without limitation of the conductor cross section of 1.5 mm²
  • Enable a broad range of applications and easy commissioning with reduced configuration work
  • Reduced signal line installation times with Push-in Technology

Axioline Smart Element features

Axioline Smart Element and its advantages
1Compact device design – 8 or 16 terminal points on a footprint of 15 mm x 62 mm, conductor cross section 1.5 mm² with ferrule incl. plastic collar, pitch 3.5 mm
2Push-in connection technology – tool-free conductor connection
3System-free interface – enables the widest range of solution concepts
4Manual unlocking mechanism – quick and easy mounting

Intelligent and cost-effective automation

Axioline Smart Elements overview  

The Axioline Smart Elements portfolio

The portfolio features the widest range of functions from IO-Link master, digital and analog inputs and outputs, right through to safety modules and other function modules.

With the low level of configuration effort needed for commissioning and in the event of replacement, the Axioline Smart Elements are less prone to errors. The time needed for commissioning is thus reduced.

The large conductor cross section of 1.5 mm² with ferrule and plastic collar for I/O signals ensures low voltage drops, even over longer conductor lengths.

Smart Elements for safety functions

Axioline Smart Elements safe I/Os  

TÜV-certified safe I/Os of Axioline Smart Elements

You can also use Axioline Smart Elements in functional safety applications to securely disconnect your machines.

You can combine the safe input and output modules as well as non-safe Smart Elements on one backplane to save space.

The I/Os are TÜV-certified and use the secure PROFIsafe communication protocol. They therefore satisfy the highest safety requirements up to PL e and SIL 3.

Realize your control concept with our PROFINET controllers with integrated PROFIsafe safety controller.

Application in the Axioline F I/O system

Within an Axioline F station, you can combine classic Axioline F modules with Axioline F backplanes including the Axioline Smart Elements in any way. You can therefore operate Axioline Smart Elements on already existing Axioline F bus couplers or Axiocontrol controllers, e.g., PLCnext Control devices or classic PLCs.

The specially developed Axioline F backplanes feature four and six Smart Elements slots. With this flexibility, you can plug the Axioline Smart Elements into any position in the Axioline F backplane. The two-row design of the backplane enables an enormous reduction in the overall width of the I/O station.

Axioline Smart Elements advantages

Good reasons for using Axioline Smart Elements

1Freely pluggableNo plugging rules for the Axioline Smart ElementsEnables tailored I/O configurations on one Axioline F backplane module
22 different I/O functions freely selectable over a width of 15 mm (mixed modularity)Enables a flexible and needs-based I/O conceptHigh degree of flexibility with a reduced variety of products
3Very compact I/O solutionIf the Axioline Smart Elements are plugged in vertically over two rows on one backplane module, you can establish up to 32 channels over a width of 15 mmLess space needed on the DIN rail enables compact control cabinet solutions
4Reduced supply-side wiring effortYou can realize the logic and sensor supply for up to 6 Axioline Smart Elements via the backplane feed-inReduction of the installation times (connection times)
5Compatible with all Axiocontrol, Axioline F bus couplers, and I/O modulesIncreased modularity with extended PLC and I/O portfolioDevices of the Axioline F and Axiocontrol range extend the capabilities of Axioline Smart Elements solutions
6Realization of alternative I/O configurations in the I/O station without changing the overall widthSlot cover elements can be used to reserve a slot for an alternative or future I/O configurationEasy extension of the I/O station functions without changing the space requirement


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