Axioline F – Safe I/Os

Axioline F – Safe I/Os

Safe in every network

Implement functional safety quickly and easily.

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Whether with PROFIsafe or SafetyBridge Technology. With safe I/O modules for Axioline F, it couldn't be easier to implement safety applications. You can even do this without a safety controller and regardless of the network used.

Your advantages

  • Network and controller-independent safety applications can be implemented, thanks to SafetyBridge Technology
  • Flexible use, thanks to compatibility with all common bus systems
  • Easy configuration using SAFECONF software
  • Safe I/Os for the Axioline F I/O system are part of the COMPLETE line system

SafetyBridge Technology – Extremely flexible safety

Topology showing the principle of SafetyBridge Technology  

Principle of SafetyBridge Technology

SafetyBridge Technology means that input and output modules exchange safety-related signals with each other. Since the modules process the safety functions themselves, they use the standard controller and network only for transport purposes.

Without a safety controller or safe fieldbus system, this is a cost-effective solution for functional safety in standard applications.

The safe I/O modules with SafetyBridge Technology meet all safety requirements up to SIL 3 or PL e.

Easy integration into all common networks

Safe I/Os for Axioline F  

Safe Axioline F I/O modules

SafetyBridge I/O modules are suitable for flexible positioning in your network and are compatible with all common bus systems.

  • EtherNet/IP™
  • Modbus
  • Sercos

You can even operate the safe I/O modules in mixed networks such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET on one controller. Simply select the right bus coupler for your standard controller and bus system from our modular Inline or Axioline F I/O systems.


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