Axioline F – bus couplers

Axioline F - bus couplers

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With Axioline F bus couplers you can integrate the fast, robust, and simple I/O system into your existing Ethernet network or bus system. The bus coupler opens up a local bus for up to 63 further devices.

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in your station structure thanks to compatibility with all common bus systems and network protocols
  • Network-independent access during engineering via integrated service interface on every bus coupler
  • Easy integration into the widest range of engineering systems thanks to the latest description files

Strong together in multiple networks

The Axioline F bus couplers are the link between the Axioline F system and the higher-level network. Bus couplers are available for the following communication protocols.

Networks for Axioline F bus couplers

Axioline F bus couplers for EtherNet/IP™PROFINET
  • PROFINET specification 2.2 and 2.3
  • Operation of PROFIsafe devices
  • D-SUB connection


  • Minimum EtherCAT® cycle time is 50 µs
  • CoE, FoE mailbox protocols supported
  • Sercos specification V1.3
  • Minimum Sercos cycle time is 31.25 µs


  • Device Level Ring (DLR)
  • ACD (Adress Conflict Detection) implemented


  • One or two MAC addresses
  • Software interface for access via TCP/IP

SAS (IEC 61850)

  • MMS and GOOSE communication
  • Configuration via web server

Startup+ - easy startup without connecting to a network

View of the Startup+ software screen  

View of the Startup+ software screen

The Startup+ software has been specially developed for Axioline F. Check the wiring of your I/O station, for example, quickly and easily without having to connect to a network.

You can access the bus coupler and start up the station via the integrated USB service interface.

The software also offers the following functions:

  • Parameterization of the Axioline F modules of a station
  • I/O check
  • Diagnostics

In addition to the main functions mentioned above, Startup+ enables you to assign a device name and an IP address. The reading and writing of process data is recorded in a file during the I/O check for improved documentation.

The software can be downloaded free of charge.    



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