Axioline F – I/Os

Axioline F – I/Os

Fast and robust communication

Transmit signals reliably in the control cabinet with Axioline F I/Os.

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A large range of I/O modules with digital and analog inputs and outputs and functions, or for special applications. The versatile I/O modules ensure flexibility in your station structure.

Your advantages

  • Saves space in the control cabinet, thanks to compact mixed modules
  • Freely combining extra-low and low-voltage modules without insulation plates simplifies the station structure
  • Fast connection of sensors and actuators to the I/Os, thanks to Push-in Technology

IO-Link master for connecting IO-Link devices

IO-Link master for the control cabinet  

IP20 IO-Link master for the Axioline F I/O system

IO-Link master for connecting up to eight IO-Link devices in the control cabinet and use in the Axioline F I/O system. To increase the number of IO-Link ports within an Axioline F I/O station, simply add more IO-Link masters in a modular way.

Parameterize the IO-Link devices using the IOL-CONF software.

I/O module for energy and power measurement

Axioline F module for energy and power measurement  

Axioline F module for energy and power measurement

Capturing energy and power data is necessary in many modern applications.

With the AXL F PM EF 1F I/O module, you receive precise data that the I/O system can process quickly. Preset parameters ensure easy startup. Adjacent modules are safely isolated. This eliminates the need for additional isolation measures.

Thanks to the measurement of the harmonics, you are provided with a comprehensive grid analysis which can be used in a variety of ways.

The I/O module is certified in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive, and features direct connection to voltages of up to 400 V/690 V without converters.

Axioline F for IEC 61850

Axioline F is the extremely easy I/O solution for the energy industry  

IEC 61850 is extremely easy with Axioline F

As a particularly robust I/O system, Axioline F is the perfect solution for applications in the energy industry. You can now also use Axioline F for IEC 61850 applications, thanks to the bus coupler for IEC 61850 and the I/O modules for increased nominal voltages and corresponding electric strength. At the same time, you also benefit from easy handling and flexible station configuration.

  • Startup without specific programming knowledge, thanks to easy parameterization
  • Flexible and easy online access to the product via web interface
  • Extra-low and low-voltage modules can be freely combined without insulation plates
  • Interoperability of the Axioline F I/O system with IEC 61850 communication with all other devices

Axioline F and Axiocontrol

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET or Modbus/TCP solution  

Axioline and Axiocontrol for a consistent PROFINET or Modbus/TCP solution

Simply add the I/O modules to our controller. With Axiocontrol and Axioline F, you can create a consistent solution for your automation tasks with PROFINET or Modbus/TCP.

The Axiocontrol AXC 3050 compact controller controls moderate to complex automation tasks quickly and reliably. The Axiocontrol AXC 1050 small-scale controller operates as a PROFINET device and reduces the load on higher-level PROFINET controllers. It is ideal for controlling distributed I/O stations, and ensures a high level of availability thanks to the integrated UPS.

All Axiocontrol controllers can be extended seamlessly with up to 63 I/O modules from the Axioline F range.


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