Axioline E – IO-Link devices

Axioline E – IO-Link devices

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Use IO-Link devices for more flexible communication.

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IO-Link devices for Axioline E enable you to increase the scope of functions of Axioline E devices. Acquire analog signals in the field cost-effectively or increase the number of channels for digital, distributed I/Os using IO-Link I/O boxes.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective acquisition and output of analog input and output signals in the field
  • Efficient acquisition and output of distributed signals in the field by means of IO-Link I/O boxes
  • Fast connection of sensors and actuators, thanks to the SPEEDCON fast locking system

Acquire and output safe signals in the field

Axioline E Safe IP67 I/O box  

Safe IP67 I/O box with IO-Link

The Axioline E Safe IP67 I/O box is the new addition to the modular Axioline E system. The I/O box allows you to process safe inputs and outputs outside of the control cabinet.

The safe IP67 I/O box has eight safe inputs, four safe outputs, and one IO-Link interface. You can use the I/O box in SafetyBridge Technology and PROFIsafe applications. The safety protocol is transmitted to the standard network via an IO-Link master. Thanks to the SPEEDCON fast locking system, sensors and actuators can be connected very quickly and easily.

Modularity in the field

Adapt the number of I/Os accordingly using IO-Link devices for Axioline E. Extend the Axioline E IO-Link master with up to eight IO-Link devices to create an I/O station that supports modular extension, thereby enabling you to acquire or output distributed signals in your system or machine. This means that system planning is practically independent of the network. Axioline E offers an IO-Link master for all common networks – both in plastic and metal housing.

Modularity in the field, thanks to IO-Link devices for Axioline E  

IO-Link devices extend the scope of functions of an Axioline E device


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