Autonomous power supply

Simple and complete

Simple and complete

Our solar systems supply your external stations independently of the power supply network – even on short, dark winter days.

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The solar systems supply enough energy to power, e.g., wireless modules, GSM modems, and distributed measuring sensors with 12 V and 24 V DC.

Your advantages

  • Perfectly coordinated – complete system including mounting material, charge controllers, solar modules, batteries, surge protective devices, and safety equipment
  • Easy startup: the control cabinet is prewired
  • Worldwide use, thanks to universal module mounting bracket with tilt angle that can be adjusted in increments

Areas of application

Solar system in landscape  

A solar system can be used in all distributed applications with low energy consumption.

The solar system can be used in all distributed applications with low energy consumption:

Water and waste water management

  • Monitoring drinking water pipes for leaks
  • Level monitoring for rainwater reservoirs
  • Level measurement for rivers and reservoirs

Supply systems

  • Oil and gas pipeline monitoring
  • Level monitoring for tanks

Repeater applications

  • Bypassing obstacles and covering long distances

Additional areas of application include monitoring weather data in the mountains and controlling avalanche blasting systems.


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