Audible elements

ear what cannot be seen

Hear what cannot be seen

Audible elements intensify the effect of your optical signals – even in locations with high noise levels.

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    Audible elements

    Audible signal elements such as buzzers, sirens or voice output to increase awareness of alarms in the event of machine and system errors.

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Support optical signaling with the aid of audible elements. This will ensure that you are optimally notified of the status even for machines or systems that are not easily visible. Simply choose the appropriate audible element for your signaling task.

Your advantages

  • Increase awareness even in locations with high noise levels, thanks to the high signal volume
  • The appropriate volume is always used, thanks to automatic or manual adjustment to the environment
  • Flexible use, thanks to remote control audible element with multiple signal tones
  • The right tone for every application, thanks to various signal outputs such as buzzer, siren or voice output

Maximum flexibility with audible signaling

The voice output element of the signal tower is recorded via a USB cable  

Voice output element enables individual audible signaling

Custom design your own signal output. Voice output elements can be used as an alternative to sirens or buzzers. For example, these can be used to output error causes or multilingual instructions for machine operators.

The voice output element offers:

  • Memory for up to 50 MP3 or wav files (2 Gbyte memory capacity)
  • Control of up to 15 files
  • Easy configuration via software on the voice output element
  • MP3/wav file selection via control cables
  • Volume setting via potentiometer directly on the signal element or via software
  • Volume reduction via external control signal



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