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Fan - QUINT-PS/FAN/4 - 2320076

The fan for QUINT-PS/1AC and .../3AC can be mounted without the need for tools or other accessories. By using the fan, optimum cooling is ensured at high ambient temperatures or if the mounting position is rotated.

DIN rail bus connectors - ME 17,5 TBUS 1,5/ 5-ST-3,81 GN - 2709561

DIN rail connector for DIN rail mounting. Universal for TBUS housing. Gold-plated contacts, 5-pos.

Assembly adapters - QUINT-ADAPTER/4 - 2866857

Assembly adapter for QUINT-BAT/24DC... on 35mm rail

Assembly adapters - QUINT-PS-ADAPTERS7/2 - 2938206

Assembly adapter for QUINT POWER 10A on S7-300 rail

Assembly adapters - QUINT-PS-ADAPTERS7/1 - 2938196

Assembly adapter for QUINT-PS... power supply on S7-300 rail

Assembly adapters - UWA 182/52 - 2938235

Universal wall adapter for securely mounting the device in the event of strong vibrations. The device is screwed directly onto the mounting surface. The universal wall adapter is attached on the top/bottom.

Programming adapter - TWN4 MIFARE NFC USB ADAPTER - 2909681

Near Field Communication (NFC) programming adapter with USB interface for the wireless configuration of NFC-capable products from PHOENIX CONTACT with software. No separate USB driver is required.

8 Results


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