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Invisible protection for end devices



BLOCKTRAB – invisible protection for end devices

Use BLOCKTRAB surge protective devices to safely and reliably protect your end devices against surge voltages.

Invisible end device protection is available for junction boxes, cable ducts, and sockets. This product range includes suitable solutions that offer invisible protection. A bearing rail-mounted product that is installed in the control cabinet is not always a suitable solution. Attachment plugs connected to the socket often are not very attractive, take up a lot of space, and can be removed accidentally.

BLT-T3 and BLT-SKT products are securely installed in areas that are not visible. They are suitable for single-phase 230 V systems and have a cable length that protects your end devices within a circumference of up 10 m. BLT-T3 is installed in junction boxes, cable ducts, and underfloor systems, while BLT-SKT is installed behind standard sockets.

Regardless of which product is selected for the provision of safe surge protection, it should be based on a complete protection concept. This means that surge protection must also be installed in the main and sub-distribution within buildings.


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