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The most powerful power supply on the market


QUINT POWER 40 A power supply on the DIN rail  

QUINT POWER 40 A with the most powerful output side

With new QUINT POWER power supplies with 40 A output current, Phoenix Contact offers the most powerful power supplies on the market. Discover just what the innovative new functions have to offer.

The single-phase device with a multi-stage PFC on the input side optimizes the degree of efficiency across the entire power range to achieve a long service life. The three-phase device does not generate any inrush current, thus preventing unintended tripping of the backup fuse after a short mains interruption.

Ensure high system availability with QUINT POWER power supplies. Use the static boost with up to 125% of the nominal current to easily extend your system. In addition, you can use the dynamic boost to start heavy loads with up to twice the nominal current for up to five seconds. SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology provides six times the nominal current for up to 15 ms and therefore trips standard circuit breakers selectively. Consumers connected in parallel continue working.

The input side, featuring an integrated gas discharge tube, ensures a high degree of immunity up to 6 kV and a mains failure buffer time of at least 20 ms.

Furthermore, the comprehensive signaling with analog, digital, and relay contacts enables preventive function monitoring of your system. Critical operating states are reported before errors occur.

Configure the power supply as required. You can adjust signaling thresholds and characteristic curves to suit your individual requirements and order your device starting from a minimum quantity of one unit.

The wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C means that you can also use the devices flexibly even in areas subject to extreme environmental conditions.


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