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Measure, communicate, and bill energy data


EMpro MID energy meter  

Measure, communicate, and bill consumption using EMpro MID energy meters

The new MID energy meters in the EMpro product range are used for billing purposes.

The measuring devices can be used to acquire key electrical parameters and communicate them via common interfaces. Product versions for direct current measurement save you time and money.

The energy meters have been tested in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive. This enables you to charge the measured energy consumption to the relevant cost centers. The measuring devices record current, voltage, power, and energy. For high currents, versions are available with a measuring input for current transformers. Record currents up to 80 A quickly and directly using models with internal current transformers. All the energy meters enable you to measure the voltage directly. Other characteristic values are calculated in the processor and supplied via the interfaces. Communication in your higher-level control systems is via M-Bus, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP interface. In addition, all of the devices have an S0 output. With a width of just 72 mm, the products save a lot of space in the control cabinet.


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