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The PC Worx Engineer modular software platform


PC Worx Engineer  

PC Worx Engineer combines all engineering tasks into one interface

With PC Worx Engineer, Phoenix Contact is giving you the option of a cost-free engineering platform all tasks related to configuration, programming, diagnostics, and visualization of automation applications.

The deep integration of the individual elements offers users some critical advantages. The software design supports intuitive user guidance thanks to its simple, structured interface. Context-sensitive menus and uncluttered, clearly structured interfaces set the PC Worx Engineer user interface apart. Users see only the functions and actions they need for the tasks at hand. Additional functions, such as safety-related or visualization components, can be easily incorporated into the software as add-ins. This enables you to quickly generate your own customized version of PC Worx Engineer. Users pay only for the function add-ins they actually need for their automation solution.


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