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PC Worx function blocks for the Radioline wireless system


PC Worx function blocks for the Radioline wireless system  

Function blocks enable the wireless system parameters to be read directly

The new PC Worx function blocks enable the status and diagnostic parameters of the Radioline wireless system to be read directly via a controller.

This includes, for example, the signal strength and error status of the individual wireless stations as well as the process data of the individual I/O modules. By transmitting the states directly to the control system, all incoming parameters can be responded to quickly and flexibly. Covering large distances cost-effectively in order to link I/O data in extended systems poses a real challenge to utility companies and local authorities. Examples of such systems include pump stations, pipelines, and sign gantries. The Radioline wireless system enables up to 250 stations to be connected without the time-consuming task of laying cables. Here the I/O data can be easily integrated into a Modbus controller. For this purpose, the wireless master receives a Modbus address and can then be connected to a controller via Modbus/RTU by means of the integrated serial interface. The entire wireless network is thus represented with just one Modbus slave address, and sensor/actuator information can be read and written easily. Up to 99 different input modules can be addressed in each network.

The new function blocks can be downloaded from the product detail pages of the Radioline products on the “Downloads” tab.


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