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Current indicator terminal blocks with Push-in connection


Current indicator terminal block with Push-in connection  

Clear identification of operating states with current indicator terminal blocks

Clearly identify faults or cable interrupts in the operating state with the new PTTB 2,5-ILA 100 current indicator terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact.

The voltage drop is evaluated at a Zener diode in reverse direction and is indicated by an LED. The circuit diagram printing enables clear identification and minimizes faulty wiring. In addition to the system features of the CLIPLINE complete system, the current indicator terminal blocks with Push-in connection are characterized by their easy, tool-free wiring of conductors with ferrules or solid conductors. Space savings can be made thanks to their compact design. Clear arrangement is ensured, as all terminal points are marked. In addition, PTTB 2,5-2BE double-level terminal blocks of the same shape are available for soldering in components.


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