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The Network Manager minimizes configuration effort


Packaging for the Network Manager software  

The Network Manager – easy startup and configuration

With the Network Manager, we offer a new software solution for the quick and easy startup of Phoenix Contact Managed Switches, wireless components, and security appliances.

The use of Managed Switches or WLAN components always involves configuration effort. At the very least, the IP parameters have to be configured. However, additional functions such as redundancy, segmentation by VLANs or the SSID in the case of WLAN components are often also involved. In order to make it easier for you when handling the growing number of managed devices in the network, configuration effort should be minimized. The Network Manager provides support here, as network components can be monitored, configured, and kept up to date using one tool. Checking that a large number of components are up to date is particularly time-consuming. This effort can be kept to a minimum by a simple rollout of firmware.

To also satisfy industrial Ethernet protocols EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET, IP assignment via DHCP and DCP is integrated. Therefore, the Network Manager can also be used in your field of application, regardless of whether you are involved in machine building, systems manufacturing or process technology.


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