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New I/O module for fast temperature recording


Axioline F temperature module with eight analog inputs  

Record temperatures quickly with the new I/O module for Axioline F

A new local bus module for the fast recording of resistance temperature detectors is now available for the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact.

The module offers eight analog inputs for connecting resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and is characterized by its particularly high measuring dynamics of 8 Hz per channel. This means that temperatures can be recorded very quickly. The fast Axioline F local bus ensures that data is processed further without any delay. Despite the high dynamics, signals are still measured with a very high degree of accuracy. This is demonstrated by low tolerances of under 0.5 K for various sensor types. The measured values are displayed in 16-bit format or in floating point format. Furthermore, the module supports all common platinum and nickel sensors according to DIN EN 60751 and SAMA. Like the Axioline F I/O system, this module is also characterized by its particularly high level of immunity to interference as well as its robust design which can withstand mechanical strain such as shocks up to 30g.


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