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Enabling service-friendly testing


Test disconnect system for energy technology  

Test disconnect system for secondary technology

With the FAME 3 test system, you can carry out complex switching operations easily and safely in just one test operation.

The test system was designed for all measuring and testing tasks in network protection technology for medium- and high-voltage switchgear. FAME 3 enhances the product range of test disconnect systems from Phoenix Contact and takes the requirements of the South and North American markets into account. Its key features are the automatic leading transformer short circuit and the touch-proof design which provide maximum safety while you carry out your measurements. All switching states are clearly identifiable. The test plug with patented rotary handle ensures a safe test procedure. You can carry out individual switching operations with service connectors. The system is equipped with the often prescribed bolt connection technology. This allows you to conveniently connect conductors up to 10 mm² with ring and fork-type cable lugs on a pitch width of just 8.2 mm. With the patented wall fastening, you can mount the test disconnect socket in the control cabinet panel with ease. The modular FAME system ensures the right number of positions for every application. The test disconnect system can be configured with the standardized accessories from the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system.


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