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Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe areas


Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe areas  

Intelligent surge protection for intrinsically safe areas

The new PT-IQ Ex versions of the PLUGTRAB PT-IQ self-monitoring surge protection system from Phoenix Contact have been specifically developed for the intrinsically safe area.

The surge protective devices can be installed directly in Ex zone 2. The intrinsically safe signal circuits are led up to Ex zone 0. The protection system always consists of a controller and the actual protection modules. The controller supplies up to ten surge protective devices with voltage and provides the contact for multi-stage group remote signaling. Wiring effort is therefore minimized considerably compared to a conventional installation. The intelligent monitoring detects pre-existing damage and indicates this with a separate, yellow status. Conductors with pre-existing damage can therefore be replaced during routine maintenance, before they result in system failure. With the new products, a complete product portfolio of intelligent surge protective devices for measurement and control technology and data technology is now available.


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