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PLC logic scores highly in product test


PLC logic test kit  

PLC logic scored very well in the product test

The programmable logic relay system, PLC logic, was recently tested by Vogel Business Media GmbH's online news portal elektrotechnik.

The system is designed to implement small automation tasks and combines the logic, interface, and field connection level for the first time into one solution. A total of 89 readers took part in the product test and shared their practical experiences in the implementation of control tasks via an online questionnaire. They received a test kit comprising a logic module, eight relay modules, a plug-in power adapter, and a USB stick with the Logic+ software plus the necessary documentation. The overall test results were very positive. Nine out of ten testers were able to envisage using the system in building technology and also in system control. The feedback from the product test will be fed into future developments.


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