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Failsafe photovoltaic systems thanks to network technology in accordance with IEC 61850


Robust and certified network technology in accordance with IEC 61850  

Robust and certified network technology in accordance with IEC 61850

Fault tolerance is a fundamental requirement for energy system networks.

As an essential part of modern energy supply, photovoltaic systems play an increasingly important role in ensuring the stability of the energy network. System failure – and resulting power outages – can have serious consequences. Therefore, the components used in energy system networks must meet extremely stringent electromagnetic, electrostatic, and climatic environmental requirements. In addition to a specific protocol and data specification in Part 3, international standard IEC 61850 also defines these special requirements for network and automation products. Phoenix Contact therefore provides extremely robust network infrastructure and I/O components for use in energy systems. The requirements of IEC 61850-3 and the requirements of standard IEEE 1613 have been verified and certified by the independent laboratory institute KEMA. The portfolio includes Managed Switches as well as Unmanaged Switches, media converters, and redundancy modules for the custom configuration of networks in energy systems.


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