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With High Power Charging, electromobility becomes suitable for everyday use


HPC vehicle connector, type 2 for Europe  

Phoenix Contact's HPC technology is based on an active cooling system that makes charging currents of up to 500 A possible

Phoenix Contact High Power Charging (HPC) is a charging technology that charges a battery for a distance of 100 km in just three to five minutes.

The basis of this technology is a high performance charging connector with intelligent cooling that enables a charging current of up to 500 A and/or a charging capacity of 500,000 W. This new technological development is our answer to the demand for continuously reducing charging times. These charging times are a significant key factor in the suitability for everyday use and acceptance of electromobility in our society. Our HPC system is powerful, extremely safe, maintenance-friendly and fully compatible with the established CCS standard. The HPC system from Phoenix Contact is expected to be available for Europe in the middle of 2018 and for North America at the end of 2018.


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