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Unassembled cables routed through the control cabinet panel


Cable entry plates and cable glands  

Feed-through plate and screw connections for unassembled cables

The new membrane plates and screw connections from Phoenix Contact can be used to reliably and safely route unassembled cables through the control cabinet panel in a space-saving way.

The membrane plates, which extend the product range for CES Multigates feed-through plates, fit standard panel cutouts of size B24 heavy-duty connectors. They provide reliable protection against the ingress of dust and water. Additional versions and sizes have been added to the range of metal and plastic cable glands, offering even greater flexibility in terms of possible applications. New pressure compensation screw connections not only provide IP67 protection, they also enable climate control at various internal and external temperatures. For example, in the event of overpressure, humidity in your cabinets and housings can safely escape to the outside.


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