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Intelligent Ethernet extender system


Ethernet extender system  

Ethernet extender system for extensive IP networks

Thanks to the Ethernet extender system from Phoenix Contact, Managed and Unmanaged extenders can be connected with Plug and Play across distances of up to 20 kilometers for the first time.

This interaction enables you to diagnose all devices and paths via IP and to network large IP networks particularly cost-effectively. IP communication in large Ethernet networks is already possible by using Unmanaged Ethernet extenders. Existing two-wire copper wires are used for networking. The automatic topology and data rate detection saves time and money during startup. Another key advantage of the system is the fact that it can be easily extended during operation and permits more than point-to-point and line topologies. In large-scale applications that rely on a high fault tolerance, the redundant ring function ensures uninterrupted IP communication. Thanks to the Managed Ethernet extender, unmanaged extenders can also be diagnosed centrally via IP. The system therefore not only responds to changed basic conditions, but also issues a warning in the event of unexpected events such as path weakening.


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