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New DC voltage transducer


MACX MCR-VDC voltage transducer  

New voltage transducer for signal processing

Thanks to the new MACX MCR-VDC voltage transducers, DC voltages up to 660 V DC are measured and converted to standardized analog signals.

The modules can also be used in grounded circuits up to the maximum voltage. According to the safety regulations specified in standard IEC 61010, they offer reinforced insulation due to the air clearances and creepage distances present on the PCB. The DC measuring transducer is available either with push-in or screw connection technology. Products are configured via an easy-to-access DIP switch on the top of the housing. In addition to eight optional voltage measuring ranges, the desired standard signal can also be set here. The stepped measuring ranges start at 0 to 24 V DC and extend to 0 to 550 V DC. With the zero/span adjustment, the measuring ranges are each varied by ± 20%, which increases the measuring range to 660 V DC. This adjustment is carried out without tools, by means of the teach-in wheel on the top of the module. This means that the desired standard signal always reaches its maximum value, regardless of the level of measuring voltage.


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