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Intelligent monitoring system for the system


Cloud-based monitoring system for surge protection  

The intelligent assistance system for surge protection

ImpulseCheck is the first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection.

The condition of your system and the installed surge protection is recorded on a continuous basis thanks to the real-time measurement of electromagnetic interferences and surge currents. This makes the remaining life expectancy (state of health) of the protective devices transparent. Maintenance work will be even easier to schedule. The cloud-based analysis of the determined measured values provides you with completely new automated processes. Digital benefits and services, such as the connection to site information or local weather data, can be implemented easily via cloud integration. Automated order processing of replacement plugs or simple export of measured values for your own evaluations are thus possible. Real-time monitoring ensures that the state of the surge protective devices is always known. Create an informative status report at the push of a button at any time.


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