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M12 connector with connection technology for all applications


The best connection technology for every application  

M12 connectors for assembly

The M12 connectors for assembly from Phoenix Contact have now been equipped with push-in connection technology.

Wire rigid conductors and conductors with ferrules easily and without using tools by means of direct insertion. The contact point does not have to be opened first. To connect fine-stranded litz wires and release a connected conductor, simply open the terminal point using the colored lever. A new product range with crimp connection adds to the connector portfolio. These are compact and particularly suitable for the requirements of the rail industry. Together with QUICKON, Piercecon, and screw connection, Phoenix Contact offers all common connection technologies for shielded and unshielded applications. You can therefore, according to the application in question, choose the right connection technology for the transmission of data, signals, and power.


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