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Easy planning of I/O stations


Project+ software  

Configuration tool for Axioline F and Inline I/O stations

Version 3 of the Project+ planning software is now available to download. The key principle of the software: configuring I/O stations from the Axioline F and Inline product families without requiring extensive system knowledge.

The software offers a choice of possible connection scenarios based on the automation-related signal types that you have selected and those that correspond to the I/O devices you intend to connect. Based on this selection, Project+ determines the ideal device combination for all required connection scenarios. The software optimizes the selection according to various aspects such as price, station width, and the number of devices. You do not need to be familiar with specific configuration rules.

Every time you enter or change the signal types, the software selects the appropriate I/O product for your I/O station. The result is shown directly in the main window of the software. Once you have finished configuring your I/O station, you receive an I/O station that is technically correct along with the corresponding bill of material (including detailed product descriptions).

If you would like to mark your I/O station or configure the station as a complete terminal strip with additional components for the DIN rail, you can export the configured result from Project+ and complete it in the PROJECT COMPLETE planning and marking software from Phoenix Contact.


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