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Mobile test laboratory for surge protective devices


CHECKMASTER 2 test device  

CHECKMASTER 2 – the mobile test laboratory for surge protective devices

The new CHECKMASTER 2 test device tests the function of surge protective devices and detects previously damaged components. This increases system availability and eliminates unnecessary service costs.

The test device is operated intuitively via a touchscreen. The barcode of the product to be tested is read in quickly and without errors using a hand scanner and the product is then connected to a suitable adapter for testing. The test results are stored permanently. They can be read immediately or at a later date via a USB stick. The log contains all test results with date and time. This makes the log a traceable document according to IEC 62305. During the comprehensive test of all relevant components, the test device also detects previously damaged surge protection components whose tolerance limit has been reached and recommends a replacement. Various test adapters are currently available for the test device for the FLASHTRAB, VALVETRAB, PLUGTRAB, and COMTRAB surge protection ranges, each with a SEC version. The range also includes a transport case and test plates. German and English are preinstalled in the CHECKMASTER 2.


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