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Housing solution for Raspberry Pi minicomputers


RPI-BC electronics housing  

RPI-BC: the housing for Raspberry Pi minicomputers

With the RPI-BC electronics housing, Phoenix Contact offers the first housing solution to accommodate Raspberry Pi minicomputers.

The housing, which features tool-free mounting, is suitable for Raspberry Pi versions B+, B2, und B3. An optional adapter also enables the use of the Raspberry Pi A+. The housing provides additional installation space for individual PCBs, perfboards or components which can be used to extend the scope of functions of the minicomputer. The housings with an overall width of 107.6 mm (dimensions according to DIN 43880) can be mounted on a DIN rail or directly on the wall. Using a DIN rail bus, several modules can also be connected together or combined with development kits for the BC housing series. PTSM PCB connectors are available as an option for connecting the GPIO (general purpose input/output) interface. The combination of protective housing and compatible connection technology offers small-scale manufacturers, research organizations, and hobby developers an efficient complete solution for extending the Raspberry Pi computer to create an electronic module that suits the application.


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