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Cross-manufacturer compatible circular connectors


M17 to M40 PRO – One fits all  

M17 to M40 PRO – One fits all

Phoenix Contact is launching a new series of circular connectors with a standard system and a fast locking system onto the market. The M17 to M40 PRO series offers uniform solutions for signal and power transmission.

The Oneclick fast locking system enables you to connect your devices quickly and safely. You will know for sure when they are locked in position, since you can see, hear, and feel it. The standard system and the fast locking system provide cross-manufacturer compatibility, giving you good access to suitable cable and device connectors all over the world. For the market launch, the product range includes cable and device connectors in size M23 – each with female or pin contacts. The cable connectors are available with a standard or a fast locking system. The device connectors are all compatible with both versions. For signal transmission, versions with 6 to 19 positions will be available initially for currents up to 20 A and voltages up to 300 V. The range of products for power transmission includes versions with 5 to 7 positions with an additional protective ground for currents up to 30 A and voltages up to 630 V.


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