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Cloud IoT Gateway for the Proficloud


IoT Gateway for Proficloud  

Gateway for connecting devices with the Proficloud

The Phoenix Contact Proficloud is an open IoT system that can be used to create the right solution for any application.

This could be cloud-based data acquisition, analysis, or a complete automation concept.

Using the IoT Gateway, the connection to the Proficloud is now established without the need to interfere with the automation technology. The adapted interaction between Gateway hardware and the cloud platform enables collection of sensor and process data and encrypted transfer to cloud applications that further processes this data. Even existing systems can send their status data to the Proficloud via the IoT Gateway in order to implement applications such as big data, pattern recognition and condition monitoring. This increases the production efficiency over the long term. Cloud IoT Gateway parameter configuration can be easily carried out right at the gateway using web-based management. No additional engineering software is required.


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