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Power supply with IP67 protection


TRIO POWER power supply with IP67 protection  

TRIO POWER with IP67 protection

You will be impressed by the new TRIO POWER power supplies with IP67 protection from Phoenix Contact, which feature a weatherproof design for use in harsh industrial environments as well as under extreme ambient conditions.

The robust power supplies with standard functionality are particularly suitable for distributed field installation. Fast installation directly at the consumer saves on cabling. This reduces line losses and creates space in the control cabinet.

Resistant to extreme conditions such as temperature, dust, and water, the die-cast aluminum housing also ensures high system availability. The shock and vibration resistance as well as the electric strength of the power supplies means that they are mechanically and electrically robust. Utilize the wide temperature range from -25°C to +85°C and benefit from flexible use. The dynamic boost supplies 150 percent of the nominal current for up to five seconds, which also allows you to start difficult loads reliably. With an efficiency rating of over 93 percent, high energy efficiency is also achieved.


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