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Phoenix Contact DSL router and modem tested successfully


Router and modem testing successful in the Telekom Deutschland test center  

Remote maintenance via the Telekom Deutschland All-IP connection

The conversion of Telekom Deutschland's analog telephone connections is proceeding rapidly. The goal is to complete this conversion to the new digital IP technology before the end of this year.

Customers can switch over to the German telecommunication provider Telekom's All-IP tariffs and the related DSL technology.

The analog PSTN connection (Public Switched Telephone Network) will continue to be offered. Using special POTS cards, a switchover to IP communication has been made in the telephone exchange. This process retained the existing analog transmission technology to the end device. The German telecommunications provider Telekom calls this automatic process "migration to IP-based technology". The new connections carry the designation "MSAN POTS" (Multi Service Access Node Plain Old Telephone Service) and fall into the category of special services within the Telekom network.

Customers who operated services such as home and elevator alarms, alarm systems, remote meter reading and remote maintenance applications via their analog connection in the past can continue to do so in the future. Only the hardware for connection to the corresponding All-IP or MSAN-POTS connection is required to satisfy the requirements for the changed IP communication. The Phoenix Contact devices have successfully shown that they do so in the Telekom laboratory.


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