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Spark gap without line follow current, including SEC technology, in detail  

Spark gap without line follow current, including SEC technology, in detail

Phoenix Contact is a pioneer in the development of surge protective devices.

Decades of experience together with intensive fundamental research in cooperation with universities and technical colleges lay the foundations for the technical expertise required during the development of surge protective devices. Our in-house, accredited pulse and high-current laboratory allows us to develop our products safely and in line with standards from the initial idea right through to series production.

A perfect example of this is the new, innovative spark gaps – the powerful components inside surge protective devices. These are used to discharge very high currents safely. Older spark gaps have the issue of quickly unloading the high line follow current from the power supply network. For the first time, Phoenix Contact has developed a spark gap working so perfectly that no more line follow currents occur. The key to it is Safe Energy Control Technology. Spark gaps integrating this technology are extremely powerful and especially durable, thanks to the prevention of line follow currents. Tripping of fuses is eliminated so that the system can continue to operate, free of interruptions.

Did you know? With our durable SEC surge protective devices you won't have to think about replacing wear parts for at least five years. However, should the status indicator signal the need for replacement within the first five years following your purchase, you will receive free replacement plugs.

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