Eduline TCC

Eduline TCC

Learning in the Training Center

Technology Competence Center bundles educational expertise.

Your advantages

  • Maximum potential, thanks to the bundling of all educational training solutions
  • Efficient development of expertise and knowledge transfer, thanks to optimum educational conditions
  • Promotion of digitalization in training and development through the latest industrial teaching material
  • Increased competitiveness: special training programs for digitalization subjects
Learning atmosphere in an Eduline TCC  

Learning atmosphere in an Eduline TCC

An Eduline Technology Competence Center draws upon all training solutions available in the Eduline teaching material range. This educational environment enables participants to learn the latest industrial technologies hands on, and to transfer these to their individual day-to-day work. To remain competitive in the age of digitalization and globalization, continuous specialist training is a must. Technology Competence Centers are the link for the qualification of industrial technologies: regional, national and international. Depending on requirements, we will develop specific focal points with you.

The detailed characteristics will also be localized here together with the requesting educational institute. The Eduline-based teaching approach promotes autonomous interdisciplinary project-based actions and trainee learning.

Adding the Eduline teaching material to the classic qualification process gives you the option to upgrade trained skilled workers to true "Industrial Professionals". Ideally, these professionals will not need any further time-consuming familiarization with new technologies; rather, they will have the ability to grasp these operatively and directly.

The broad spectrum of industry sectors supported by Phoenix Contact enables the respective Eduline teaching material to be focused on the desired industry. This teaching concept of an Eduline Technology Competence Center can be expanded easily to include the imparting of soft skills in respect of management techniques.


Interested in the products of the Eduline TCC series? Then contact us. We will be happy to speak with you about your specific requirements and help you develop a solution based on them.

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